Man Takes Fight Over Small House To The Worst Expected Level
20 April 2019
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A man literally took his fight over a ‘small house’ to his rival’s doorstep, going as far as writing threats on his rival’s walls and gate.

The threats, most of which are written in Shona, indicate that a rival suitor who drives a silver Mercedes-Benz seems to have irked the man who went to smear the walls to his home and gate with spray paint.

He warns his rival to stop sleeping around with his ‘small house’ or else he would be forced to resort to unspecified action.

Part of his threats read: “Warning mudhara webenz yesilver kuita basa rekukwira small house yangu.

“Svikako tinopedzerana. Imbwa yemunhu. Chihure itira kure, kwete pangu.”

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The images of the smeared walls have been shared on social media.

More details to follow…