Chaos As Govt Plans To Appoint Mnangagwa’s Own Niece Zimbabwe Ambassador To Scotland
23 April 2019
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By A Correspondent| ZANU PF members are fuming over plans to officially announce party president Emmerson Mnangagwa’s neice, Lydia Heather Mudhari as the Zimbabwe consul to Scotland.

Heather Lydia Mudhari

Sources inside ZANU PF UK confirmed the development to ZimEye as some threatened to “pour jecha” on Mnangagwa’s niece.

Zimbabwe is opening the consulate at a time when it is closing numerous embassies across the world, where is the logic?, ZANU PF sources fumed speaking to ZimEye.

“Mudhari has been assigned the post, and it now awaits public announcement,” an impeccable source told ZimEye.

Heather Mudhari’s appointment was also confirmed by senior sources in ZANU PF. Although a government announcement was unavailable, the local ZANU PF leader, Marshall Gore was already referring Scotland based Zimbabweans to Miss Mudhari for assistance with passport documents, however saying the official setup is yet to be done.

For a person to be appointed an ambassador, they need to have first undergone special training for over a year and sources questioned why Heather Mudhari has been rushed to the post without the requisite training.

Our undercover investigations involved a test using a real case of a Glasgow based woman desperate for an ETD to travel for her mother’s funeral in Harare.

ZimEye believes the consulate service was now already functioning by Monday morning and the official position was only twisted after senior ZANU PF officials noticed that ZimEye has opened an investigation.

“Where and when did she do training for the post?,” a top ZANU PF member questioned.

Mudhari was contacted and she her tone of voice sounded “street level, rough” while responding.

She did not deny that she now carries the title, “ambassador.”

“Can you call the embassy in London” she said in response after answering to the salutation which was repeated thrice to her ears.

She then abruplty dropped the phone while the client was still speaking. – THIS IS A DEVELOPING STORY –

The planned office address for the embassy could not be established at the time of writing.