Rich And Famous Not Feeling The Fuel Shortage Pinch, Thanx To Mnangagwa.
5 May 2019
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Norman Mpofu.

By Norman Mpofu|As I am writing there is no diesel for the poor in Plumtree in all the 3 filling stations. What is available is for the rich. Only those with Total smart cards are fueling. At Petro Trade only those with coupons are fueling. Only the privileged and connected are fueling in the formal market.

Petrotrade coupons

The rest of us we have no choice but the expensive black market.. Talk of the haves and have not. This Mnangagwa government is shit.

My question is why does this shit gvt arrest black market dealers since it is only focussing on the rich.

If black market is left alone more players will come in and competition will stabilise prices in the black market.

Mnangagwa and Mthuli stop torturing the poor with your fuel queues. We are fed up with your lies. Just open up this sector you have failed.

Norman Mpofu is a former MDC-T Member of Parliament 2008 to 2013 and has since dumped the opposition party turning out to be sympathetic with the regional Mthwakazi Republic Party.