Cyclone Idai Survivors Freezing In The Cold On Empty Stomachs
6 May 2019
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Farai Dziva|It is a matter of double tragedy for the survivors of Tropical Cyclone Idai who are freezing in the cold weather on empty stomachs.

Sources in the area have revealed the tents in the area cannot accommodate all the homeless people.

” There was fracas at the Chingwizi Camp in Chimanimani when CIO operatives tried to abduct Antony Machingauta in the company of new Chimanimani DA who boasted that he is a war veteran.

This followed Machingauta (a time CYCLONE Idai aid relief thief)’ address to the people to be given food before entering the tents. And he also told the people to wait until each could get his tent.

Apparently there are more families than the tents leaving many people in the open.

Chimanimani nights are too cold and people are going to freeze on empty stomachs,” said the sources in the area.