Matabeleland Collective Dragged Into British Attempts To Raid Zimbabwe.
6 May 2019
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Leaders of the Matabeleland Collective welcome President Emmerson Mnangagwa to Bulawayo.

Correspondent|Theresa May’s former Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson allegedly held meetings with Ambassador Catriona Laing’s husband Clive Bates in a bid to recolonise Zimbabwe.

Williamson was sacked last week following a leak inquiry, was dismissed following concerns about his plans to ‘invade Africa’ and risk war with China.

According to sources at the military intelligence department in Harare Williamson met some with Bates and some British diplomats to fund the Matabeleland Collective to create an environment for British’s military invasion in Zimbabwe.

The source says the plan by Laing, her husband and Williamson was that they remove Robert Mugabe and replace him with a weak candidate who will be removable.

The Matabeleland Collective has been used as a conduit to endorse President Emmerson Mnangagwa while creating an animosity between him and Zimbabweans it is alleged.

Sunday Times reported that May refused his request to send Royal Navy warships into Chinese waters in the South China Sea, leading the then Defence Secretary to scrawl “f*** the prime minister” on the accompanying paperwork, which was subsequently reported to Downing Street.

A leaked National Security Document, seen by the Times, also suggests that Williamson drew up plans for the British Armed Forces to be sent to “at least five African countries, including Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Kenya and Egypt”.

The plans were reportedly for peacekeeping initiatives. However, Ministry of Defence officials told the paper that Williamson wanted to “find excuses to send troops”.

They added: “He wanted to invade Africa… He made it clear that he was keen to send the troops in.”