Zanu PF Apologist, Tafadzwa Mugwadi Attacks Herald Editors Over Demotion
10 May 2019
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Following the demotion of journalists aligned to Deputy Chief Secretary to the President George Charamba, a Zanu PF apologist, Tafadzwa Tuboy Mugwadi has attacked Acting Editor Tichaona Zindoga over his decision to reshuffle reporters, lebelling him a school deserter.

Posting on Facebook, Mugwadi had no kind words for those who called him a Charamba loyalist saying their decision to move him from Social Media Manager to a new desk called The Knowledge Centre was their pure jealousy.

Below is the full text of Mugwadi’s post;

So my homeboy and brother, Cde George Charamba (GC) has become a problem simply because of abject idiocy, legendary ineptitude and monumental foolishness of some semi-educated dwarfs whose disdain for GC can only be understood from lucifaric jealousy?

I never new I am loyal to GC but guess what, my loyalty to him have just began on a double note.

Indeed, only the tallest tree attracts the wood cutter. Academic Birds of the same intellectual feathers must be allowed to fly together.

I have not time for born-frees turned school deserters whose only claim to their current work station is based on nice lips as well as arranging unsuspecting female upstarts for sexual escapades with superiors where upon they are fired for non-compliance.