“Humbled To Have Served The Women’s Assemby”: Lynette Karenyi
20 May 2019
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This week will be my last as MDC Assembly of Women Chair and I am going to miss you all. I know that in future my heart and soul will always be grateful for the support you gave me as Assembly of Women Chair.

I want to thank the entire MDC Women Assembly Team not exluding the MDC members and stakeholders for having walked a 5 year journey with me as MDC Assembly of Women Chair. Thank you all
It’s not been an easy journey, and of course I’ve not got every decision right, but I do believe that I have given my all as evidenced by my works and the support I have given President Chamisa and the late Dr. Morgan Tsvangirayi whilst performing my duties and funtions as Assembly of Women Chair.

This coming week we have our MDC national congress and you are all aware I am contesting for the female VP post. I am humbly asking all the women i have worked with, MPS I have worked with, the Youth I have worked with, Members of the Executive and all MDC congress delagetes country wide to give me their special vote so I may continue to serve you and in particular supporting our President Advocate Chamisa in bringing freedom to all Zimbabweans. We still have a long journey to walk and allow me to walk with you as one of the MDC VPS. I have learned a lot from my grassroots days up to now as a member of the SC, Women leader, parliament and different Executive portfolios. My experience should help you in making your voting decision.

Finally, I’m confident that my successor and her successors in the position that I’ve been so privileged to hold will continue to lead smartly, tirelessly, courageously to make the MDC more united, more prosperous, whilst fighting for the rights of women in the MDC and country wide.

Cdes your vote is key, I humbly ask for it

Thank you, may God bless you

Lynette Karenyi-Kore
Assembly of Women Chair