ZBC Soapie, Wenera Fails To Pay Salaries?
24 May 2019
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By Own Correspondent- ZBC TV soapie Wenera boss Edmore Ndlovu is reportedly neglecting his workers’ welfare amid indications that actors and actresses have gone for months without salaries.

The revelations comes after one of the actors well known as Mohammed Asalif real name Lloyd Boora reportedly left the production company in search for greener pastures. Asalif has since joined a Rhumba band which he is now managing.

Commenting on a Facebook post in which Edmore Ndlovu was looking for funding for Wenera, one Kate Muchena who is believed to be a former actress at the production wrote that Edmore was untrustworthy and diverting the money which he was supposed to give actors for his own benefit.

Muchena said:

“The guy itsotsi uyo meaning this guy is a crook. Haabhadhare meaning he does not pay and treats cast like slaves. Nxa!”

An inside source exclusively confirmed to Zimeye that Ndlovu diverts funds for his personal use and never pays actors.

The source also revealed that he only cares for Zolile Makheleni who plays the role of Tsotsi, Arnold Gara who plays the role of T One and Tinashe Pundo who plays the role of Gugu in the soapie.

Other actresses and actors who left the soapie over the same issue include Maneta, Jerry Kujeke, and Joseph Magigani.

In 2017, Jerry Kujeke once told a local publication that Ndlovu had failed to pay him leading him to approach legal action.

However, Ndlovu in a telephone interview with Zimeye denied the allegations and said that he pays his actors and for four years that the soapie has been in existence he has been consistent with paying them.

He also denied knowing some of the actresses who raised the claims although they have appeared in some of the seasons of the soapie.

“Kana muchiti havasi kutambira munoti vari kurarama sei makore ese iyaya meaning if you are saying that they are not being paid, how do you think that they are surviving all these years,” said Ndlovu.

Besides being accused of not paying Wenera actors and actresses, Ndlovu has also been accused of nepotism with sources alleging that he gave himself and his children acting roles in the soapie which is popular on ZBC TV.