Kwekwe Married Man’s Secret Wedding Bid With Constable Foiled
4 June 2019
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By Own Correspondent- An attempt by a Kwekwe married man to tie the knot with his police officer girlfriend has been foiled leaving the two in shame.

Kampeza Tambwari of Mbizo 9 tried to book with the magistrate’s office to have a wedding date with a police officer Constable Ropafadzo Vongai Nehumambi while his wife Ruvimbo Chinamanyawi was hospitalised after suffering still birth.

Chinamanyawi was operated on and is still hospitalized at Kwekwe General Hospital a feat which gave her husband room to plan a wedding with another woman.

The registration of the wedding at Kwekwe Magistrates court is said to have been stopped by Chinamanyawi’s relative and one Tambwari who is the brother to Kampeza.

According to sources privy to the issue, the two (Nehumabi and Tambwari) took an advantage of admission of Chinamanyawi in hospital after she had a still birth to tie a knot before she is discharged.

“Constable Nehumambi snatched Ruvimbo’s husband and she started abusing her by sending her messages threatening her.

“As I speak the poor woman is lying helplessly in hospital after she had a miscarriage she had an operation just last Thursday and she is still seriously sick; it is unfortunate that you cannot talk to her in that condition.

“These two then went to the court to register for a wedding whilst Chinamanyawi was still in hospital,” said a cousin to Chinamanyawi who preferred anonymity.

Nehumambi has also been showing no remorse for Chinamanyawi’s condition on social media as she continued to utter some unremorseful statements towards the woman.

“I am feeling sorry for those who want Kamu (Tambwari) to go back to Ruvimbo because he is going to infect her with HIV because when he parted ways with Ruvimbo we were using condoms by then but we are no longer using condoms,” said Nehumambi on social media.

When contacted for comment, Tambwari said he divorced Chinamanyawi and married Nehumambi a year ago.

“I divorced Ruvimbo sometime ago due to some marital problems we faced which I cannot disclose so I married Nehumambi whom I am staying with now.

“Ruvimbo is hypertension patient and she had a number of miscarriages when we were still married and this is not the first one so the still birth she had has nothing to do with this matter,” said Tambwari.

Nehumambi insisted that Tambwari was hers.

“Tambwari is my husband and we have been married for three years after he divorced Ruvimbo.

“We did not succeed with the registration of the wedding because something happened,” said Nehumambi.

Tambwari’s brother who reportedly stopped the wedding arrangement refused to give further details saying it was not for public consumption.

“This is a family issue and I cannot comment anything,” he said.-H Metro