Sangoma Visit Ends Marriage
5 June 2019
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By Talent Gondo- A couple’s marriage has ended after a dispute over allowing a sangoma into their home.

Violet Machipinda claims she left her matrimonial home after a misunderstanding with her husband Medium Viki who had brought a Sangoma to conduct a ceremony.

Machipinda made the revelation at the Harare Civil Court where she applied for a protection order.

“We were staying together in Kambuzuma where I moved out last month because he had brought a sangoma into our home.

“He claimed there was a ceremony that had to be conducted after his brother’s death and I did not approve of it since it is against my Christian values,” said Machipinda.

She added that the sangoma was still conducting the ceremony and she was afraid that her children might be sexually abused.

“I have two girls aged 15 and 18.

“My children told me that during the night the sangoma knocks on their door saying that he wants to come do cleansing on them,” she said.

She added: “I once reported him to the police for assaulting me and he was warned that if he continued to assault me he would be charged.”

Viki disputed the claims saying that the man at his house was his relative.

“The man at our house is not a sangoma, he is my relative who will be staying with us,” said Viki.

He also laid accusations against his ex-wife.

“I caught her with her boyfriend and I lost my temper. She used to come home at around midnight lying that she was coming from work. I have never assaulted her,” said Viki.

Presiding over the matter, magistrate Noah Gwatidzo granted the protection order in favour of Machipinda.-StateMedia