Tenants Bashed Over Electricity Row
8 June 2019
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By Own Correspondent- A MAN from Bulawayo’s Parklands suburb went berserk and beat a man and his wife with a knobkerrie after they accused him of switching off electricity.

A court heard that Victor Ndlovu is the son of the owner of the house Velile Ndlovu while Olga Marandu and Christopher Mwashitu are tenants.

It is said at around 8pm last week on Monday, Victor switched off electricity from the main switch after he had accused Olga of misusing electricity.

After that things turned nasty. Olga approached Victor’s father who stays a few houses away and informed him about the problem.   

The accused’s father quickly came and knocked at the accused’s door. Victor opened the door armed with a knobkerrie. It is said upon opening the door he sternly warned Olga to go away.

As Olga was trying to take to her heels he hit her twice on the buttocks and once on the back with a knobkerrie. 

Olga’s husband Christopher tried to save his  wife but Victor seemed to be too powerful and beat him several times all over the body with the knobkerrie.

The couple made a report at Khumalo police post leading to the arrest of Victor. 

Olga and Christopher were referred to a hospital and a medical report was produced in court as exhibit.

In cross-examination before magistrate Ulukile Mlea-Ndlovu at Tredgold Magistrates Courts Victor pleaded not guilty.

He took to the stand and said:

 “I didn’t beat them, they are just cooking up a story so that I get convicted and sentenced. But I only had a minor misunderstanding with Olga.”

A medical report was produced in court and it nailed him.

He  was found guilty and was sentenced to five months imprisonment, two months were suspended on condition that he does not commit a similar offence within a period of five years. 

For the remaining three months he was ordered to do community service commencing on 3 June.

Nathan Marime represented the State.-StateMedia