A Mountain Of Mediocrity Can Never Be A Hill Of Wisdom
6 October 2019
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This week on a day like Sunday when most Zimbabweans seek mental and soul purity, a whole deputy Minister by the name Energy Mutodi chose to misdirect his energy on a wrong cause.

While the majority of ordinary citizens are grappling with astronomical prices of basic commodities, a misdirected bundle of Energy chose to sink so low by equating a generational success (Nelson Chamisa) to a hill while plummeting a heap of hubris (Emmerson Mnangagwa) to a mountain.

When one takes into account that Mutodi is just but a failed Ndombolo musician and not a politician, it becomes easier to see a desert of deep thoughts in Mnangagwa’s disastrous Deputy Minister.

Surely it does not need a political scientist to differentiate a mountain of mediocrity that Emmerson Mnangagwa has become and a hill of excellence that Nelson Chamisa is gravitating towards!

That a whole deputy minister can equate a failure who has successfully presided over shortages in electricity, water and food a success and mountain glaringly exposes the deficiencies of leadership running the affairs of our motherland!

At this point in time Zimbabweans across the political divide are yearning and craving for excellence in service delivery and not some cheap bootlicking to please political godfathers.

Stephen Sarkozy Chuma
MDC Youth Assembly National Spokesperson

Stephen Chuma