Masvingo Girls “Despise” Condoms
6 October 2019
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A health expert in Masvingo has raised a red flag over the behaviour of most sexually active girls amid reports that about 70 percent of young women prefer the morning-after-pill ahead of condoms.

In an interview last week, the Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council (ZNFPC) marketing officer, Mr Hebert Chikosi said research has revealed that during school days, most pharmacies in Masvingo run out of the morning-after-pill suggesting that sexually active girls preferred them in place of other methods.

He said the trend was worrying considering that the country was trying to eradicate new infections. Mr Chikosi also said during school and university days, health facilities have also recorded high incidents of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) thereby scuttling efforts of achieving zero infections by 2030.

“We are unfortunate here in Masvingo, as we have discovered that most young girls are shunning the use of condoms during intimacy.

They prefer the morning-after-pill and about 70 percent from the sample size we used are found on the wrong side. Youths are more worried about falling pregnant than contracting STIs which is a conduit to HIV infection.”
He said while the morning-after-pill help the girls against unwanted pregnancies, it was disastrous in terms of HIV prevention.

“We therefore encourage the sexually active youths to use condoms instead of the emergency contraceptive so that we can win the war against new infections, especially HIV.

Our condom champions distribute free condoms in colleges, public places such as bottle stores or beer halls, universities as well as hospitals. These condoms are for free that youths can get at zero cost.” State media