Justice Nare Dismisses Claims Of Divisions Within The NPRC
9 October 2019
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Justice Sello Nare

State Media|THE National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) has dismissed as false and misleading reports that the commission has been rocked by divisions, with some commissioners said to be unhappy over the Government’s lack of commitment in addressing past human rights abuses and conflicts.

NPRC chairperson Retired Justice Selo Nare yesterday said such reports were deliberately distorted to suit a narrative by certain individuals and societies.

“It’s not true that there are emerging cracks within the commission. We want to dismiss such reports in the strongest of all words. As a commission we’re clear in terms of our constitutional mandate and we applaud the support that the Government has been giving us in terms of financial resources.

“We’re united as a commission than ever before. As a team, we know the importance of team work and we value all that in terms of the discharge of our duties. This is a narrative being driven by individuals and societies with their own agendas. It’s unfortunate that we’re not a commission that will push such agendas,” said Rtd Justice Nare.

He said while the commission was not exempt from financial constraints and other challenges, it was satisfied with the support it is receiving from the Government.

He said as a commission they were united and they were on the ground moving with programmes that have a reflection of victims and beneficiaries.

“Of course there can never be enough but we have received a sizeable and fair share of support from the Government. The Ministry of Finance and Economic Development has actually given us an additional budget for procurement of vehicles out of the initial budget.

“This clearly shows the political will and commitment. There’s never an institution that is satisfied in terms of resources but we’re comfortable with what we’re getting from the Government and we’re clear in terms of our mandate,” said Rtd Justice Nare.

He said one fact that must be recognised is that the commission was fairly new and the commissioners were working hard to put their work together as a team.

“Any commission at its inception stage is bound to have teething challenges but ours are not really much. We’re moving in the right direction, right across the country engaging stakeholders and the relevant groups.

“To us it’s been a big win. In terms of our values of having a reconciled Zimbabwe for all generations I think we’re on track. Where we have challenges we engage the rightful offices in the most professional manner.

“On peace building we have engaged at all levels of Government, starting from His Excellency President Mnangagwa. What is important is for us to implement and ensure that all our constituencies are reached,” said Rtd Justice Nare.

He added that he understood that in the peace building journey the commission cannot run away from the fact that there are spoilers who thrive on peddling falsehoods.

“We call upon the spoilers to be rational, uphold media ethics and see the bigger picture of Zimbabweans,” he said.

President Mnangagwa signed the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission Bill into law in January, which operationalised the commission that was appointed in 2016.

The NPRC was established under Sections 251 to 253 of the Constitution to ensure post-conflict justice, healing and reconciliation, to develop programmes to promote national healing, unity and peaceful conflict resolution.

President Mnangagwa assigned Vice President Kembo Mohadi to be in charge of the peace and reconciliation portfolio as a show of his administration’s seriousness in dealing with the issue.