MDC Youth Assembly Speaks On Church Leaders Election Sabbath Proposal
9 October 2019
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The MDC Youth Assembly is highly appalled by the Zimbabwe Head of Christian Denominations’ suggestion to suspend all electoral process for a period of seven years.

While we agree that there is definitely a need to address the current crises, it is also our strong belief that the current political and economic malaise can not be solved by massaging egos of an illegitimate president through suspension of elections.

As an Assembly, we are very clear that suspension of elections is not the panacea to our problems but will only help to set a wrong precedence where dictators deliberately subvert the people’s will only to be rewarded by another negotiated stay in power.

Suspending elections for a period of seven years is not only a trample on the people’s constitutional right but is akin to rewarding sin by men of cloth.

It is true that Emmerson Mnangagwa stole the July 2018 plebiscite, killed on 01 August 2018 and presided over abductions and rape after January 2019 shutdown.

Surprisingly the church and men of cloth remained tight-lipped!

Ironically this is the same Mnangagwa who invited a curse to the nation by blasphemously saying his regime is better compared to the heavenly kingdom.

It defeats logic as to why would our clerics root for the deferment of elections if Mnangagwa’s regime is performing better than God’s kingdom.

If anything, it is time to give a blasphemous Emmerson Mnangagwa a political Sabbath and not the people’s constitutional rights to elect leaders of their choice.

Contrary to Mnangagwa’s Minister Energy Mutodi who termed Bishop Kenneth Mtata “a Baal prophet”, as a God fearing Assembly we are not going to tear apart the clergyman for expressing his right to opinion.

It is clear that if there are any “prophets of Baal” as the dishonorable Minister want us to believe, then Mutodi’s political godfather is the Archangel of such doomed prophets.

Clearly Mnangagwa is an old man who desperately needs deliverance and exorcism but definitely that is not going to come by caging our people for a good seven years!

As an Assembly we are very clear that the best way to solve our current crises is by completely dismantling the whole system that authored our misery.

Stephen Sarkozy Chuma
MDC Youth Assembly National Spokesperson

Stephen Chuma