OPINION: Mnangagwa Doesn’t Care About Zimbabweans
9 October 2019
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By Deborah Harry|When he came to power after a military coup there were many people who thought Mnangagwa would be an improvement from Mugabe. I wasn’t one of those people, fortunately. But after almost 2 years in power, it has become quite clear to everyone not that that the man doesn’t care about Zimbabweans. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that this man is not moved by human suffering.

We see it by the amount of money he spends on foreign trips from which by the way he comes back with nothing. He spends tens of millions of dollars (US dollars) hiring a private plane, sleeping in expensive hotels and eating 5 course meals while wearing that silly scarf. He goes on these foreign trips while accompanied by a troop of his friends and hangers on who have nothing to offer the country except spending tax payers money. Meanwhile, people in Zimbabwe are starving, with no electricity or access to clean water. Last week, it was reported in various papers that several pensioners has stormed a post office branch demanding to have their pensions after weeks of cash shortages had prevented them from accessing their hard earned money. In the same week, hospital doctors downed their tools and stopped treating patients because of a pay dispute with the government. This resulted in many patients being turned away from hospital some having to be ferried by wheel barrows by family because of a lack of money for transport. Meanwhile, prices in shops continue to rise on a daily basis and very few people can afford a single hot meal a day which by the way they can only cook using firewood because there is no electricity in the country. These are only a selective few of the problems facing Zimbabweans under Mnangagwa’s rule. Enough is enough, he needs to go. If he doesn’t go people are going to die. He is the worst thing to ever happen to Zimbabweans. He has no warmth, no charisma, no redeeming characteristics, he is just a cruel man.

Deborah Harry is a human rights activist and an MDC member in the UK.