9 October 2019
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To The Home Affairs/ Education Ministers

This is an important subject. School children (Advanced levels in particular), start exams today.

My issue is, many have no national identity cards, my son included. We went to the Registrar General’s office yesterday because my son lost his identity card, and he can not sit for his A level exams.

What do I hear, “We are issuing only 40 per day, if he is not amongst the fourty then his future is doomed, there is nothing we can do”. That’s what I was told at the RGs office.

Please help me convey this message to the Home Affairs and Education ministers.

I witnessed this firsthand. They told me to be there with my son as early as 4 am to be able to be amongst the few 40 to get an ID, a simple ID, no remorse, no sympathy, no empathy, NOTHING!.

What does this mean for my son, if i am not among the lucky 40? I saw many kids being turned away, their future may be in jeopardy because exams A Level start today.

Please help save our children’s future. Help the young people. what must they do? How do they write their examinations? This is painful. As a parent, I feel hurt, defeated. My son’s future is on the line and all the other issues do not matter now, it’s the future of our youths, the future of this country which is hanging on the line compromised.

Please help our children secure their future.

Concerned parent