“CIOs Have Taken Over All Newspapers In Zim,”
10 October 2019
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Professor Jonathan Moyo has alleged that the members of the dreaded Central Intelligence Organisation have infiltrated into all the newsrooms of media houses in the country except that of the South African owned Sunday Times.

Moyo was talking after the Daily News wrote a scathing letter to his Twitter statement that the Financial Gazette was owned by the CIO.

Said Moyo, “The CIO bought into the Financial Gazzette long before the latter’s association with Daily News. This is a fact. It stands to reason that the CIO is also in the newsroom of the DailyNews. Now the CIO is in the newsrooms of all major media houses in Zimbabwe except the Sunday Times.”

Read below the extract of the Daily News article:

“It is generally not our style to either engage with or respond to the mad rantings of deluded chaos mongers, pathological liars and social media retards. But there comes a point where some things cannot be ignored as remaining silent under such circumstances can, unfortunately, encourage shameless charlatans and other small minds in their malicious, wicked ways. Indeed, and as Richard Edelman said, to be silent is sometimes to be complicit.

“And so, it was with utter horror that we were alerted to a social media posting this week by the self-exiled former Cabinet minister, Jonathan Moyo, which suggested that our sister newspaper, The Financial Gazette, is allegedly owned by the country’s notorious Central Intelligence Organisation.

“Only dunderheads think CR6s & CR14s are the best evidence to expose shareholders or to pierce the corporate veil of a rogue media house in bed with an embattled predatory State. The CIO ownership of the Fingaz is not recorded in any CR6 or CR14, yet it is a fact!” this notorious author of the current dire state of Zimbabwe’s media wrote “authoritatively” as he had a go at a rival media house.

“As expected, his ever obliging poodles a good number of them thoroughly discredited former State media hacks supported this rank lunacy.