Matemadanda “Rescues” Killer Zivhu
10 October 2019
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Farai Dziva|
ZANU PF Political Commissar, Victor Matemadanda came to cornered MP Killer Zivhu’s rescue when he warned the party’s Provincial Executive against suspending the Parliamentarian.

The Chivi South MP, Zivhu, was suspended for allegedly abusing social media platforms after he tweeted that
president Emmerson Mnangagwa and leader of opposition MDC, Nelson Chamisa must find each other and dialogue.

ZANU PF Masvingo Provincial leadership suspended him and were calling for his dismissal from the party.

When one firewood block produces smoke, you do not have to remove it. You must leave it in the fireplace so that it can be assisted by others to catch fire than removing it.

If you keep on removing firewood, you may end up without any in your fireplace.

So you should help each other to reform than dismissing those who are found violating the party rules and regulations,” said Matemadanda.