13 Register For Mr Ugly
11 October 2019
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By A Correspondent- The man adjudged to be the foulest-looking at Mr Ugly Zimbabwe will this year walk away with a cow for that feat as the competition, which was not held last year, makes a return this month.

The much-loved pageant taking place at the City Sports Bar in Harare on October 23 will be held under the theme ‘‘Let’s celebrate the beauty in ugliness’’. Musician Mbeu and his Mhodzi Tribe band are set to provide entertainment.

Event organiser, David “Apama” Machowa said: “A beast will be the first prize for the ugliest person and it’ll be up to the winner to choose whether they want to walk away with it or be given money instead.”

Apama said so far, 13 contestants have registered to participate. 

“Thirteen contestants meticulously chosen from Bulawayo, Masvingo and Kariba among other cities and towns have confirmed participation. Judging from the contestants this year, it’ll be challenging to come up with the ugliest person as competition is stiff,” he said.

The unique Mr Ugly Zimbabwe ‘‘beauty’’ pageant started in Beitbridge in 2009 and has gained popularity since. In 2012, the organisers made it a national event. At the first national competition in 2012, there were just five competitors, but the figure went up to 36 in 2015.

There was controversy following the 2015 contest when crowd favourite and reigning champion William Masvinu claimed that the winner Mison Sere was “too handsome” to win since his ugliness wasn’t natural as it was based on missing teeth.

Now, there are plans to develop the pageant to have a Mr Ugly Africa and Mr Ugly World pageants.