Man Assaulted Over Free Beer
11 October 2019
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By A Correspondent- Drinking and not paying for alcohol got an Insuza man in hot soup after he was assaulted by his friend for drinking beer and failing to fork out a single cent for the wise waters.

Two friends Elkana Taga (21) and Abraham Vundla (23) had been drinking together at local bar in Masayi Village on 26 September when the former accused his friend of drinking beer and not paying for it. 

Appearing before Bulawayo magistrate Ulukile Ndlovu, the accused Taga was charged with assault. 

The court heard how the accused beat his friend with a log after an altercation over alcohol. 

“I joined Taga for a drink at a bar and after some time he accused me of drinking his alcohol and not paying but because I didn’t want any trouble I walked out to avoid a confrontation. I thought by the time I got back he would have calmed down,” said Vundla. 

But the accused would have none of that.  

“He followed me outside, picked a wooden log that was on the ground and started to beat me up on the head. 

He kept on accusing me of drinking his beer and not paying for it,” he said. 

After the thorough beating, Taga allegedly fled the scene.

The complainant was referred to a hospital for medical examinations.

In his defence Taga blamed his actions on alcohol and pleaded with the court for leniency and was slapped with 60 days imprisonment or a $300 fine.