Harare City Council Fingered In Land Scam
12 October 2019
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Harare Residents Trust  (HRT) has called for accountability in Harare City Council following reports that residents in Crowborough were given half the stands they were supposed to by Council.

The City Fathers allegedly duped the residents by giving them 150 square meters of land instead of the agreed 300 square meters.

However the residents were still required to pay the full amount for the 300 square metres.

“Council was supposed to allocate 300 square meters to each resident but now two people share the 300 square meters and yet they use the same account number to pay Municipal bills,” alleged one resident.

“Currently, residents are paying a bill for 300 square meters yet they are using 150 square meters,” he added.

Responding on the matter Harare Residents Trust (HRT) expressed its displeasure at the news and has called for accountability in the matter.

“The Harare Residents Trust is worried about the lack of accountability for the city fathers and is appealing for transparency on the way they bill rate payers,” it said.

This is not the first time the City fathers lack of accountability and transparency in the way they bill rate payers has come to the fore.

Currently they have problems with their billing system and have had to send residents projected figures of bills which has caused much consternation with the residents.

-Open Council