Shock As Woman Discovers She Was Sired By Own Uncle
12 October 2019
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By A Correspondent- A woman’s quest to know the true identity of her father resulted in shock after she found out that the man who had sired her was her own uncle! 

DNA - Image credit
DNA – Image credit

Now Jacqueline Ngwenya (30) from Tembisa, Ekurhuleni, wants a DNA test.

“This whole issue started when she wanted me to help her get an ID. I told her that her father was in Zimbabwe.”

She told Daily Sun she and her twin sister were raised by her gogo after their mum left them in Zimbabwe when they were five years old.

“My sister died at 18. My mum made contact with me in 2017 and asked to see me and my younger sister. So, we went to Newcastle, KZN, to meet her,” said Jacqueline.

She said her mum was happy to see them. But she became angry when she asked her who her father was.

“She kicked us out, saying she never wanted to see us again,” she said.

Jacqueline said a prophet told her that her uncle was her father.

“He even mentioned the names of my three uncles and told me which one was my father,” she said.

“He told me to ask my mkhulu. My mkhulu asked me what I would do if I found out my father shared the same surname as my mother. I told him I’d be fine because I just want the truth.”

Jacqueline said her mum told her to believe whatever she wanted.

But Jacqueline’s mum, Sibonisiwe, told Daily Sun her daughter was crazy.

“This whole issue started when she wanted me to help her get an ID. I told her that her father was in Zimbabwe, but she didn’t want to listen,” said Sibonisiwe.

Jacqueline’s mkhulu, Abraham, said he didn’t want to get involved when a South African publication contacted him recently.

“The three of them must sort it out. Jacqueline should have sat the family down instead of running to the papers,” he said.

Cultural expert and traditional healer Mntimande Ngwenya said: “The ancestors do not approve of such. This child will carry the sins of her parents until she dies, if she’s not cleansed.”