Zanu PF Youth Pressure Mnangagwa To Dissolve His Cabinet And Politburo
12 October 2019
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ZANU PF Youth League Political Commissar Godfrey Tsenengamu has urged President Emmerson Mnangagwa to dissolved the Politiburo, Cabinet and the Presidential Advisory Council.

Posting on Facebook, Tsenengamu said, “Cde President get rid of the saboteurs around you who are in cabinet, politiburo and PAC. Time is running out, you have to act now. They are full of mischief and not sincere.”

The radical ZANU PF Youth leader has been vocal calling for a ZANU PF and MDC to unite for the good of the nation.

“We all have our differences yes but I think for Zimbabwe’s sake let us major on what brings us together more than that which divides us,” Tsenengamu recently said. “For a s long as two majnor political parties in Zimbabwe continue to play hide and seek games prioritising to score cheap political points, then sustainable development remains a pipe dream. Let us dialogue.”

A ZANU PF source who spoke to us alleged that Tsenengamu belongs to a certain clique of ZANU PF members called the reformers who are eager to see some ZANU PF members removed from Senior posts and an arrangement with the opposition forged.

The church has  been making frantic efforts to unite MDC leader Nelson Chamisa and Mnangagwa.