Exposed- RG’s Office Issues Death Certificate Bearing Living Woman’s Name
14 October 2019
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By A Correspondent- Imagine waking up and finding out that you are registered as dead at the registrar general’s office.

This was the shock a 51 year old Harare woman experienced as she visited the registrar general’s offices to renew her old passport.

The woman, who told ZimEye that the development has left her traumatised said she is currently without an identity as all her particulars have been with held at the registrar general’s office pending investigations.

Said Mirriam, while narrating her ordeal to ZimEye:

“The man who processes his wife’s death certificate using my name is called Innocent Chitauro of 2323 St Marys in Chitungwiza and he works in the ministry of Defence. Chitauro is currently stationed in Gutu. The deceased woman was named Pauline Dzakata who died on March 20 2010 and she reportedly died at Chitungwiza General Hospital.

She was reportedly buried in Makoni district, Rusape under Chief Tandi. On the death certificate there is a phone number belonging to one Alice Manjera who revealed that she is based in Masvingo.

The death certificate bearing my name was issued at Makoni registry offices in Chitungwiza.

Innocent Chitauro is busy enjoying his life after he ruined my life by stealing my identity to process his wife’s death certificate. The same for his dead wife who is resting in peace while i am suffering to reclaim my stolen identity.

I wonder why the late Pauline Dzakata’s family agreed to have their daughter’s death certificate processed using my name. Why did Chitungwiza hospital, the national registry office issue a death certificate bearing my name for someone with a totally different name? What really happened, I need answers. But above all, i just want my identity back.”

Listen to Mirriam telling her story….