Heavy Police Presence In Harare CBD
14 October 2019
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There is a heavy anti-riot police presence in Harare central business district following reports of the discovery of 256 helmets and threats of protests over deteriorating economic situation in the country.

A snap survey by ZimEye has shown that First street in the CBD has hundreds of police officers who are seated in groups of 10s while some are on patrol holding batton sticks in what is meant to instill fear among citizens against protesting the worsening economic crisis that has seen prices of basic commodities going up by over 500 percent

Earlier on, MDC Secretary General Charlton Hwende wrote on Twitter that the police had blocked access to their headquarters at Harvest house.

The President Emmerson Mnangagwa administration has so far portrayed itself as worse off than the late former President Robert Mugabe regime in terms of human rights abuses and over reliance on State apparatus to crush opposing voices.