Stubborn Tokoloshi Irks Sangomas
15 October 2019
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By A Correspondent- It’s been seven years since Tankiso has been competing with a tokoloshe in bed, and he’s now tired.

Now the Mokones need help to get rid of the tokoloshe.

Tankiso (56) said at first his wife woke up wet and told him something poked her at night.

“I thought she was lying and was dreaming about another man,” said Tankiso.

He said this became a regular thing.

“It became worse because she’d sometimes wake up with a painful punani,” he said.

“I’m getting poked like nobody’s business. I can’t take it anymore.”

He said they consulted various sangomas, who confirmed a tokoloshe poked his wife.

“They all promised to help and gave us muthi, but the tokoloshe rests for a week and comes back with a bang,” he said.

Tankiso’s wife Nomvula told Daily Sun she had run out of ideas.

“I’ve prayed about it, looked for medical help and went to various sangomas, but I’m still getting poked like nobody’s business. I can’t take it anymore,” she said.


Sangoma Ntombifuthi Dabulamanzi told the People’s Paper she never had a problem with removing tokoloshes, but this one was stubborn.

“We’ve been trying to get rid of it for months. I’m running out of ideas myself,” she said.

– DailySun