Human Rights Activist Exposes Zanu PF Election Rigging Tactics
17 October 2019
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Farai Dziva| Prominent human rights activist, Prosper Tiringindi has “exposed” Zanu PF’ s election rigging tactics.

On October 15, villagers around Masvingo were forced to vote for FRELIMO as Zanu PF rigged elections in favour of the Mozambican ruling party at Chiefs Hall in Masvingo.

Speaking to Tiringindi said:

On October 15 villagers from Nemamwa, Zano and Charumbira were forced to vote for Mozambique’ s ruling party, FRELIMO at Chiefs Hall in Masvingo.

The villagers were given Mozambican identity cards.”

“I have gathered overwhelming evidence to expose the rigging process.

I would like to urge opposition parties to unite and expose massive rigging by ruling parties.

It is clear that Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government is dubious, illegitimate and undemocratic,” added Tiringindi.