Kembo Mohadi A Hopeless Sellout And Liability – Mthwakazi
17 October 2019
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Mthwakazi Republic Party President Mqondisi Moyo

Media Statement By Mthwakazi Republic Party|As the leader of Mthwakazi Republic Party i cannot let people like Mohadi have a field day on us, surely how can he stoop that low to address Mthwakazi Republic Party at his Zanu-PF rally at Stanley square one the 13th of October 2019.

Infact it is rather naive and out of desperation that the so called VP can remind us that Zimbabwe is a unitary state and ask us,  where we were when they fought for this country? I quote he said “we are determined to fight those people who call for such. We fought against the whites settlers from Britain,  Germany without a single cent”…Mohadi said explaining that Zanu-PF will defend the country from any threat. He went on to say Zimbabwe is a unitary state and has one national anthem.

Mohadi the question “where were we when you fought for this country?” is misdirected. 
We in Mthwakazi should join you in asking  Mnangagwa and his mashona where they were when uMthwakazi’s Zipra and uMkhonto wesizwe were fighting for independence.

You talk of defending Zimbabwe Mohadi; take note that no country or organizations  can monopolize violence. It is a natural or cultural force in some societies and we in Mthwakazi have a history of successfully handing out that force to our oppressors. Be careful not to start a fire that will put your Mashonaland handlers on the defensive.

Kembo Mohadi like his other Shona worshippers, Dr Calistus Ndlovu, the late Enos Nkala and people like Obert Mpofu are a big liability to the people of Matebeleland and Midlands alias Mthwakazi.

I want to remind Kembo Mohadi that we don’t eat one national anthem, we do not eat nationalism that benefit them as Shona puppets.

To set the record straight I am a son of an ex- ZPRA freedom fighter, my father could not test the so called Zimbabwean independence as he passed away two years before it. In response to his dull question of where were we when they liberated Shonas,  My answer will be my father was with you in trenches Kembo Mohadi,  one way or the other i also fought directly or indirectly through my father’s participation and other fallen heroes and heroines of good standing not sellouts like you Mohadi.

As the Vice President of Zimbabwe you are failing to be the mouth piece of the people of Matebeleland and Midlands particularly the people of Beitbridge whose resources are being looted by the Shona people, you are failing to tackle the issue of unemployment of Venda and Sotho people who cannot be employed at the Beitbridge border post, actually the whole of Beitbridge has been Shonalised whilst people like you are watching and assisting the implementation of the 1979 grandplan against our own people.

I want to take this opportunity to applaud you for recognising and  acknowledging the presence of Mthwakazi Republic Party, your lashing at us as a  bloody thirst satanic party Zanu-PF really show that MRP is giving you sleepless nights hence all these threats that you will defend yourselves against us.

I put it to you Kembo Mohadi that MRP is not a sessationist party as you insuniated, we are a restorationist  movement that is also fighting to liberate people like you because you are possessed by the demonic spirits of your cult party.

We are a generation that cannot be threatened by people like you Kembo Mohadi, actually some of you were younger than us when you went to the bush to fight the Ian Smith regime and my advice to you is that undermine us at your own peril.

I am afraid your statements will haunt you for the rest of your life and your offspring will be cursed because of such utterances by you.  

Enos Nkala and Dr Calistus Ndlovu died paupers because of blasphemous statements they said against Zapu and Matebeleland people.

The restoration agenda is irreversible and we are also prepared to lay our lives for it as you also claimed that you will defend yourselves against us, surely it’s us who are supposed to be telling you that we will defend ourselves against you because you are a gangster government. Zanu-PF does not qualify to be called a government, instead the perfect name for it is a terrorist organisation that is not in power because of the people’s choices but because you are nothing but a sanguinous party.

Few months back when you were campaigning for a shona candidate in Cowdry park in ward 28 , one Kidwell Mujuru,  you said I quote  “Gukurahundi-Genocide was necessary for nation building”, many people became upset about your misfiring which simple meant the creation of Zimbabwe as a State was to come through the butchering of our more than 50 000 innocent people.

The same Zanu-PF that you are defending today once persecuted you,  other ZPRA cadres, ZAPU LEADERSHIP,  ZAPU supporters calling you dissidents yet you forget about the Gukurahundi-Genocide which happened 36 years ago but you are quick to remind us about how you fought the British and the Germans.

Our people continue to suffer economic Genocide under your watchful eye but you can’t raise these imbalances to your master Emerson Mnangagwa, our resources are looted daily, government departments in Mthwakazi are manned by Shona speaking people from Policemen,  Soldiers, doctors,  nurses, teachers and all other civil service but to you all this is nationalism and it’s a normal situation.

As MRP we are  the voice of the voiceless in Matebeleland and Midlands alias Mthwakazi, we know that people like you Kembo Mohadi are singing for their supper and defending where your bread is buttered. No amount of threats,  arrests and killings by your bloody thirsty Zanu-PF government will cause us to retreat,  instead your lashing at MRP has legitimised our struggle.

We expected you to be telling your Zanu-PF supporters at Stanley Square on how you were going to rescucitate Bulawayo which used to be the Industrial hub during the Ian Smith regime but rather where it used to be companies in Bulawayo has become an Industrial site for Shona churches and to you all this is regarded as normal.

We were expecting to hear you giving Bulawayo people hope on how as the misruling party you would fix electricity problems, water problems, employment challenges and all the things affecting an ordinary person on the street but alas you chose to attack MRP and Zapu.

On the other hand I don’t think you understand the contents of the so called Unity Accord of 1987 that you boast about. The so called unity accord like the Lancaster house agreement of 1979 were just smokescreen arrangements that we can call marriage of convenience documents. The unity accord of 1987 is just a one page document with 11 points and in all those points there is nothing that gives Zapu powers or that portrays Zapu as equal to Zanu-PF,  instead the highest position that a Zapu person can get is being a Vice president as you are and you cannot be the president of Zimbabwe that you claim to be a Unitary state. Actually shonas from Zanu-PF,  MDC and other Shona led parties know it very well that a Ndebele person cannot lead them.

In your trying to defend the unity accord of 1987 you tried to highlight that you were not swallowed by Zanu-PF hence the two parties agreed to remove-PF but surprisingly you cannot explain to us why the Zanu-PF headquarters in Harare still has a Cockerial symbol ( Iqhude, Jongwe ) yet your Zapu bull was castrated hence the naming of the Karigamombe Arcade building in Harare on 20 November 1987 a month before the signing accord in December and Robert Mugabe commissioned the building after the demise of Zapu and this building was named Karigamombe as a celebration by Zanu-PF and Shonas that the bull has been castrated.  Karigamombe means it’s just a small oxen or oKuyiNkabi nje. Remember Zapu had a charging bull as your symbol but surprisingly the cock defeated the charging bull and today you want us to take you serious when you mislead people and misrepresent facts.

Let me also remind you that it is Zanu-PF which further confirmed that Matebeleland and Mashonaland are two separate states when they selectively killed our people through the 1983 -1987 Genocide starting at the Midlands where there is our (Jameson line) border and spreading to the whole of Matebeleland.The likes of Joseph Msika, Ambrose Mutinhiri (Zapu supporters and leaders)and areas like Mashonaland West that were ZPRA liberated were never targeted. Our calls for restoration are justified as we want to break the 1923 only whites referendum which brought us to this satanic marriage of convenience.

Nothing for us without us.

MRP For Peace And Justice in our Lifetime.

Sisonke Sibambene SinguMthwakazi Sizakulungisa.