Mnangagwa Says Striking Doctors Are Being Stubborn, Warns Of Unleashing His Shamu (Whip) On Them
18 October 2019
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President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Paul Nyathi|President Mnangagwa has issued an unspecified but tough action on striking hospital doctors, describing them as being stubborn.

Mnangagwa warned the striking doctors who have not been reporting for work for nearly two months, saying that his Government was aware of external forces propping the industrial action.

He was speaking while addressing the first edition of the Rural District Councillors Meeting in Harare on Thursday.

Mnangagwa said Government was aware that some doctors were working with external forces to destabilise the health sector.

“Two months ago, we raised their salaries and they came back again saying the value of the money had been eroded and we offered them a 30 percent increase which they rejected and we increased it to 60 percent which they rejected again,” he said.

“After going through what is happening, we have discovered that there are a few individuals who are getting outside influence and then coming to influence others to continue with the strike. But what we are saying to the doctors is that you are Zimbabweans and the sick people are also Zimbabweans.

“There is no country that doesn’t have problems, so we should sit down and talk while you are at work. But if you insist on being stubborn, we will see where it will get you to. You might think what you are doing is right, but we will see what will happen at the end.”

The doctors have refused to go back to work even after the Labour Court ruled that their actions were illegal and appealed against the Labour Court ruling.

The doctors have responded to Mnangagwa indicating that they will not be intimidated by his threats.

Dr Peter Magombeyi leader of the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association Twitted on Friday morning indicating that the doctors will remain resolute on their demands.