Magufuli Health Fears Raise Panic In Tanzania
20 October 2019
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Paul Nyathi|Panic has gripped Tanzania after reports emerged on Sunday morning that President John Pombe Magufuli was unwell.

The unsubstantiated claims have since been circulated on social media platforms, with Tanzanians seeking clarity from the presidency about Magufuli’s health. 

The Tanzanian government remains tight-lipped on the development.

But insiders say government will at around midday Sunday issue a formal media statement to provide clarification on the president’s health.

According to the reported claims, Magufuli was yesterday evacuated to Germany for specialized treatment after reportedly suffering a heart attack.

Magufuli is said to have fallen ill near the Indian Ocean coastal town of Lindi in Southeastern Tanzania, 450 kilometers from the major commercial capital, Dar es Salaam.

The presidents’ health is always considered a top secret in Africa to avoid speculation and unnecessary panic.

It is said the heart attack occurred while Magufuli was being chauffeured for a political rally in  Lindi ahead of next year’s general elections.

A helicopter was reportedly ordered from the military to move the president to the capital from where he was evacuated to Europe.

Magufuli has since won praise across Africa for his tough stance against corruption and breathing new life into mega infrastructural projects in Tanzania.