MDC Commemorates International Day Of The Girl Child
20 October 2019
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Venue: MDC Mashonaland East party office

Mash East Province Women’s Assembly

Commemoration of the international day of the girl child .This commemoration was declared by the United Nations as the 11th of October since 2012 .

This year ‘s theme is Empowering the girl child for a better tomorrow.

MDC, as a party, strongly believe in the empowering of the girl child as thus in turn empowers the whole nation.The party recognizes the tribulations women have gone through and salutes them hence it has arranged for the commemoration of this day country wide .

As Mash East women from all walks of life converged at the party provincial offices celebrating the girl child and sharing ideas on how to improve and uplift their lives through speeches, songs and poems .

All speakers noted the deterioration of the national economy and its impact on the girl child .

The girl child is forced to use tree barks ,leaves and cow dung as sanitary pad prices sky rocket .It is sad to note that women are paying dearly for this natural biological process.

Women are being asked to bring their own water ,lighting and in some cases fuel for their maternity period. When the economy goes owol it is the girl child who is negotiated into an early marriage, drops from school to allow the boy child to proceed .The girl child is subjected to inhuman conditions like appeasement of a wronged spirit.Its worse for the disabled children who need extra care .

However there is light as at the end of the channel. The ball is in our court as parents to empower our girl child, albeit not neglecting the boy child, but to instil confidence into them by telling them that they are precious and can do what boys can do .Empower them through education so that they realize their full potential. Make them feel proud of who they are and respect their decisions.Do not feel pity for the disabled children but respect them and train them to stand on their two feet.

Let’s teach our children good politics so that they desist from abusive,terroristic and violent political culture which leaves the weaker sex vulnerable.

Thanks Mash East leadership for organising such a most successful program particularly chairlady Brightness Mangora ,national members Maggie Ngwena ,Tracy Mutinhiri , national youths Precious Bopoto ,Macy Whiza and Delphine Gutsa

Thanks to all who attended, God bless you

Blessing Madambi.

Secretary women ‘s assembly