Tamangani Gruesome Murder Exposes Mnangagwa Lies
20 October 2019
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MDC Youth Assembly Calls For Public Response To Human Butchering

The MDC Youth Assembly is highly disturbed by sad news of the passing on of Hilton Tafadzwa Tamangani at Harare Remand Prison due to injuries sustained from horrendous assault at the hands of police.

It is not a secret that Tamangani’s gruesome murder is a result of another act of premeditated and well orchestrated torture by the very same people who are supposed to protect citizens.

Tamangani’s gruesome murder at the regime’s concentration camp for opposition voices disguised as a Remand Prison is also a clear pointer that Emmerson Mnangagwa fascist regime is unrepentant and even worse than his predecessor.

Ironically the same regime that already has a track record of human rights abuses that is worse than Idi Amin is busy bombarding SADC and anyone who cares to listen with an anti sanctions campaign nonsense.

They want to invite everyone to help them fight against sanctions yet they selfishly invite the sanctions by their deeds such as this one and many other heinous crimes.

This is the same regime that even want us to believe there is a third hand to violence and abductions yet they kill in broad daylight without shame.

As the MDC Youth Assembly we call upon Zimbabweans from all walks of life and across the political divide to listen to the voice of reason and challenge this act of cowardice and human butcher.

Life is sacrosanct and such it MUST be respected, but when the regime act like hyenas in devouring its own citizens, certainly it calls for response in best suitable fashion!

Stephen Sarkozy Chuma_
MDC Youth Assembly National Spokesperson_