Lady Squanda Threatens To Expose Promoters
21 October 2019
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Self-proclaimed Zimdancehall queen Lady Squanda has threatened to exposed music producers, promoters and musicians who are pestering her for se_xual favours.

The controversial Lady Squanda, real name Sandra Gezi, has said that she is fed up with this type of behaviour in the local music industry and said that this was the main reason why female musicians fail to make it.

Speaking to local publication H-Metro, Squanda said, “Promoters are pestering me for s_ex. They come like they want a professional deal but at the end of the day, they would want s_exual favours in return. Due to this, I have since assigned my manager to do all the bookings and everything concerning music.”

Being a mother of two beautiful girls doesn’t mean I am loose, vanoda kunditsotsa mari zvese ne bh***. Currently, I don’t have a husband but that does not give them a passport to ask for s_ex as favours from me.

However, Squanda said that she was going to give the se_x pests a lifeline and allow them to change their ways before she exposes them. She warned that if they do not stop their wayward behaviour, she will be left with no alternative but to name and shame them.

I can’t name and shame them for now because that’s where I get shows ndiko kunobva mari. If it continues I will give you the list.

Maproducers ndiwo mamwewo arikundinetsa and it’s all being applied to my fellow female musicians. Havadi kusiya madress, they are using the studios to lure girls and its one of the reasons why female chanters are not being successful in the music industry.

Haa ma DJ so vanoda mababe zvisingaite and my fellow musicians are also pestering me for s_ex. Vanongoda kutsotsa bh*** chete and there is nothing more.