Anti-Sanctions March:Ramba Kuitiswa Mwana WeZimbabwe
24 October 2019
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Poor Zimbabweans will be forced to walk from Robert Mugabe Square to the National Sports Stadium while ED who is on the sanctions list will be escorted in an expensive car to the same venue by a huge security convoy.

After the event, he will be whisked away and the poor will walk home in the heat, hungry with nothing much to look forward to.

The next day after the march, Ed will jet away in a private chartered plane to sign Memorandum of Agreements and mega deals with his imaginery investors.

In the meantime:
You have no electricity; no job; struggle with school fees; no freedom of expression whilst ED and his chums live the high life.

Iwe Ramba kuitiswa mwana weZimbabwe

Say no to being used- Concerned citizen