“Enough Is Enough”: Mnangagwa
25 October 2019
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By A Correspondent| President Emmerson Mnangagwa has called for an end to sanctions adding that Zimbabwe is held to disproportinate standards like no other nation in a development hampering every sector of the economy.

Mnangagwa, who this afternoon addressed a paltry fraction of the expected 60 000 people at the National Sports Stadium in Harare said his government had opened up the political space, strengthened the rule of law and enhanced the corruption fight among others.

He said:

“Despite opening up the political space, strengthening the rule of law, transparency, accountability and ramping up the war against corruption, crippling sanctions remain, Zimbabwe is simply held to disproportionate standards like no other country. Enough is enough.

Sanctions, and their negative effect on FDI, have hampered every single sector of our economy. The claim they are targeted is simply not true when banks and entire sectors are cut off from funding. The average Zimbabwean pays the heaviest price.

So we will fight the sanctions just as we continue to engage in the spirit of peaceful coexistence with all nations off the world. This is now the key pillar of our foreign policy. It’s time to end the sanctions. It’s time for Zimbabwe to re-join the family of nations.”