MDC Youth Assembly Gives Chilling Warning to Mnangagwa
26 October 2019
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It is not surprising that the ZANU PF so-called Anti sanctions march flopped. Zimbabweans are faced with genuine problems like electricity outages, high prices and water shortages hence they chose to stay away from this non event.

It is clear that the anti sanctions rhetoric is just a pie in the sky which was meant to chlorinate Emmerson Mnangagwa’s failed leadership and unfortunately it did not yield desired results.

The end is nigh!

The illegitimate, failed and ConCourt proclaimed President’s days are numbered and rightly so Mnangagwa is sensing danger hence the anti sanctions smokescreen.

Clearly Emmerson Mnangagwa is behaving like a timid dog that barks at its own dark shadow of human rights abuses and bold leadership failure.

Mnangagwa knows very well the terrific and gigantic proportions of corruption, thievery and violence that underlines his short reign and is afraid of consequences of such if citizens are to draw a line.

Like a timid dog barking at its own ugly shadow, Mnangagwa knows very well the ugly nature of his unredeemable and unforgivable sins.

As expected of any failed dictatorship, the failed septuagenarian is running around circles selling a blame shifting anti-sanctions narrative.

Fortunately for Zimbabwe and unfortunately for Mnangagwa there are no takers of his blue lies both locally, regionally and internationally!

The anti sanctions flop non event was symbolic and clearly laid bare fingerprints of failed leadership by this military dictatorship.

Typical of Mnangagwa’s trailblazing path of mediocrity and failure, once again the man in scarf did not only fail to convince hungry Zimbabweans that sanctions are responsible for their misery but even abundantly convinced some doubting Thomases in SADC that he lacks endorsement from masses.

Simply put people chose to ignore all the ZANU PF madness and ZBC anti sanctions jingles and stayed in their empty homes!

This was a classic act of defiance by citizens exhibited by simply staying away from Mnangagwa’s tomfoolery and pathetic drama!

In a week the major news highlight was police brutality on innocent vendors that ultimately resulted in the gruesome murder of Hilton Tafadzwa Tamangani, Zimbabweans instead chose to pay their last respects to the slain vendor in Murehwa than wasting time congregating at Mnangagwa’s anti sanctions charade.

The message from citizens is very clear!

Only that in ZANU PF circles common sense is not common and unfortunately such ignorance oftentimes ends in deleterious circumstances.

As the MDC Youth Assembly our honest and genuine advice to Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa is that he should resign and save himself from further humiliation.

It will not work, simple!

Stephen Sarkozy Chuma_
MDC Youth Assembly National Spokesperson_