LIVE- Follow Up On The Assaulted Mentally Unstable Man- Well-wishers To The Rescue
27 October 2019
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By A Correspondent- A Chitungwiza man who assaulted his mentally unstable uncle for seeking refuge at his place of residence is reportedly on the run after the community reported him to the police.

The man, who assaulted his uncle leaving him bloodied reportedly beat up his uncle in his bid to have him vacate staying outside his gate where he had been camped for the past three weeks.

Said a neighbour who took in the man and gave him a place to stay inside her yard identified as Monica:

“When the nephew beat him up, he was badly injured but i am not too sure to what extent. What i did was go to the police and reported him but they (police) could not assist us that much.

We then went to the hospital but he was not treated because there are no doctors and the only option that we had was to take him to the private doctors.

I was not able to do that because i did not have the money so i brought him here, cleaned him up with the help of other men from this community and the Seventh Day church members here in Unit J. I gave him my bed linen so that he can sleep on a clean place. The community also assisted by donating clothes and shoes which he is now wearing.

But the challenge is that he is in pain and looks like he is swollen. I have tried reaching out to his relatives to no avail because it seems they all want nothing to do with him.

I was thinking that if i can have him attended to by the doctors then i will look for how best to ensure that he has a roof over his head because the rainy season is fast approaching.

I also want to reach out to his other immediate family since he says he comes from Mt Darwin but all that is a process that needs the whole community to put our heads together and assist.”

Watch the video below for the initial story about this man….

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