Vendors Hoarding Mealie Meal For Zambian Market
27 October 2019
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By Own Correspondent| Vendors in Victoria Falls have a newfound trade of hoarding and reselling mealie meal in Zambia for the much-needed United States dollars.

This was revealed by locals who spoke to the publication and said local supermarkets were now diverting the mealie meal to the black market because the vendors sold it in USD there.

Said the source:

“People grab all the mealie-meal as soon as it is delivered and stock it to resell at Emaplankeni where there is a ready market in US dollars.

Some wholesale shops (names given) would even tell customers that mealie-meal is finished yet it will still be there in the shop as they keep it for the black market. Zimbabwean mealie-meal reportedly fetches better money in neighbouring Zambia as their products are expensive.

A few months ago the situation was reserved as Zambians would smuggle mealie meal and other basic into Zimbabwe for resale as there was an artificial shortage of some sort.”