Former Child President Scores 17 Points At A Level
26 January 2020
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State Media|FORMER Child President and Goromonzi High School student, Innocent Chikwanda, scored 17 points in the 2019 Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (Zimsec) Advanced Level examinations.

Innocent wrote four subjects. These were Mathematics, Chemistry, Computer Science and Physics.

He said he now wants to study Electrical Engineering.

“I have always had a passion for Mathematics and got encouragement from my father, who was also good in the subject,” he said.

“Through my hard work and passion, I managed to do well in both school and as Child President. I never mixed the two.”

Commenting on the education system, Innocent said he was grateful for everything he was taught.

He said he was well equipped to face the job market with the skills he acquired through both the Junior Parliament and the education system.

Asked if he had any ambitions of ever getting into mainstream politics, the former Child President said his career would not revolve around politics.

He said politics is earthly, adding that he was a God-fearing young man who constantly read the Bible for guidance.

“Jesus Christ is my role model, I like listening to gospel music,” he said.

Chikwanda says if he were to be given the power to amend any law in Zimbabwe, he would amend the Marriage Act. He said he would love to see any adult who marries a minor being sentenced to at least 12 years in prison.

During his days at Goromonzi High, Innocent played handball and chess. He also participated in debate and public speaking.

The young man is grateful for his parents’ love.

He wished the current Junior Parliamentarians well in their exams.

“They should prioritise the important things in life, that is school. They were students before they became Junior Parliamentarians, therefore, first things first. They must not forget that being a Junior Parliamentarian is just a phase, it will pass.”