Ezra Tshisa Sibanda Hits Back At ZIFA Over Mighty Warriors U17 Camping Boob
28 January 2020
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Reading the ZIFA statement issued about me, it is easy to see that no orgasational policy or protocol was followed. The statement does a lot. It issues a slew of insults and personal attacks. It issues a slew of accusations and assumptions, but the one thing that it is does not do, is the very thing it should really be doing. It should be a statement about its shameless
failures that compromised the Under 17 girls’ team as they represented our country.

ZIFA is a public body. One we entrust to act on our behalf to organise our sporting responsibilities. We expect high standards of morality and ethics from its executive and when such unprofessional incidents happen and are compounded by such unprofessional statements, it is disappointing and leads us to conclude that the allegations of unprofessionalism towards the Under 17 girls’ team are substantiated.

No one is perfect. Hence the saying, to err is human. ZIFA clearly erred in this issue. What normal organisations, leaders and individuals in positions of responsibility do when mistakes are made is learn from them. The energy wasted vilifying me and pointing fingers of blame at everyone but yourselves, should have been used to take the incident and learn from it.

Why not use that energy to hold an internal serious incident/case review? I would have been happy to be summoned and challenged to present my findings to the ZIFA board. Accusing me using insinuations means that, when all is said and done, ZIFA has refused to use the disastrous incident to learn anything. Not learning from this means you leave yourselves vulnerable to the same weakness in the future. An organisation is called an organisation because of the nature of its functions that require collaboration among many entities and departments to organise themselves to operate and discharge its many duties to achieve its aims and objectives efficiently.

You issued a statement because you were cowards to ask yourselves crucial questions. How did this happen? Why did this happen? Where did you go wrong? Who was project manager? Did your policies and procedures fail or did individuals fail? These questions are necessary, but not designed to appoint blame, but designed to help avoid such disgraceful incidents happening again.The truth is the girls were camped in an old out of use dormitory in Eveline. I witnessed this first hand and am prepared to represent this in any review board or court of law. I challenge any ZIFA representative to come with me to Eveline High to verify this.

To suggest I made these issues up is almost childish and unbelievable coming from an official statement because if I was to take you to court, which is a possibility, you’d be found guilty of defamation of character. In fact, if I made false accusations about ZIFA, should you not be taking me to court? I challenge you to start proceeding against me. You ask how I got to know the girl’s requirements and try to make it sound sleazy yet therein expose your own inadequacy. As parents and organisers, it was ,and is, your
absolute prerogative and duty to know and anticipate the girl’s needs.

The instruction you swiftly conveyed to the Manager and team management to refuse the donations from well-wishers when you saw the social media exposé was malicious and did nothing but compound your guilt. I wonder who really wrote your statement and not sure of the writer’s mental state. You call me a spy. Do you know the meaning of the word spy? Your statement leaves a lot to be desired and exposes ZIFA as a corrupt organisation. You admit that Herintals donated a bus. This is unethical and shows a detestable conflict of interest.

Herintals are currently going through an appeal with you, ZIFA after being thrown out of the league by PSL and your acceptance of such gestures from them is questionable. It is a clear bride. How will the appeal process happen and how will you hear the appeal, deal with it deligilently, professional and fairly when you are using their bus for your business? Is it allowed for a Judge to use a car belonging to an accused person who is yet to appear before him in a court of law? This is shameful, unheard of and criminal.

That said. I am not swayed by your insults and attempts to frighten me into silence. I am not moved by all your unfounded accusations and it is regrettable and curious that you attack Mr Philip Chiyangwa, who I have no dealings with, and my brother Omega. Is it a crime to have siblings? Everyone knows me and Omega are different individuals with different characters and priorities. Your assertions therefore are ludicrous and preposterous at best.

Finally let me bring two things to your attention.

  1. You won’t frighten me or bride me into submission or silence me. You can do that to other journalists who are compromised, desperate to travel with national teams, need allowances and beer money. I know this is your preferred method of operation. Your attempts to frighten me with this ‘ZIFA INTELLIGENCE’
    you claim to have are useless. Anyway, why does ZIFA have or need an intelligence wing and for what? Who pays them? What is their remit? How & where are they employed? Your statement has exposed you. I hereby give you notice that I will be investigating your investigation process next and also deal with scandals at Zim referees, match fixing, corruption, bribery, victimisation etc. Football should be a clean sport.
  2. I hereby challenge you to allow the highest offices to peruse this issue. If I made false allegations that bring you as individuals or as an organisation into disrepute, take me to court. In court, you, the girls, the Team Manager and representatives from Eveline and
    myself will be called to make statements under oath. The truth would be clear as you would also provide evidence of the supplies you availed to the girls. I assume you have verifiable receipts for everything for accounting purposes. I await, welcome and accept your invitation to court in advance. Lastly l stand by what l said, Brighton Malandule works for Orap, an organisation founded by Cde Sthembiso Nyoni, as a Finance Director. Its not a lie. Why is he afraid to mention his place of work?

Bring it on.

Yours Truly,

Ezra Tshisa Sibanda