South African Police Join Rowdy Diepsloot Residents In Blitz On Foreigners, Arrest Over 100 Foreigners.
28 January 2020
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Own Correspondent|South African Police have arrested 100 undocumented foreign nationals in Diepsloot following days of unrest over crime in the township.

Residents went on the rampage last week, barricading roads and burning objects.

About 10 people have been killed in Diepsloot recently, including a police captain.

They’re demanding that undocumented foreign nationals leave the area, accusing them of being responsible for the crimes.

The Tactical Response Team, the Operational Response Service and K9 units have been patrolling the area.

Gauteng police spokesperson Mathapelo Peters said: “To this end, 100 undocumented foreign nationals were taken in and handed over to immigration officials from the Department of Home Affairs for further processing. Police visibility has been heightened since the incidents of violence last Wednesday.”