How Ezekiel Guti Is Promoting Crimes Against Humanity |ANALYSIS
30 January 2020
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There is a crime in the criminal codes called “aiding and abeting,” better said, encouraging crime. What the founder of the ZAOGA church is doing by welcoming, and celebrating the man who has killed more blacks than apartheid South Africa in the space of a few months, Emmerson Mnangagwa, arguably fits the description.

What message is Guti sending to the men Mnangagwa sent to rape the women and kill the 17 victims, is that not an encouraging one?

How do the 17 women who’re still in hiding after being raped on Emmerson Mnangagwa ‘s command a few months ago feel?

How do the mothers who were sexually molested as their own children watched feel as a prominent elderly preacher who has the reputation of enjoying monopoly over the Creator Almighty God’s love, Ezekiel Guti,(if that were ever true) disrupt his church service to celebrate the mass murderer Mnangagwa as he walks into church?

Guti caused his church to dance to Mnangagwa’s machetes during a pastor’s conference in Glen Norah. The live drama was even filmed:

As the music is blasted, Mnangagwa’s words hover above the roof, very loudly:

“My government is better than heaven’s. My government is just too good…

“Once we know it is the Kuwadzana people who are stopping the rain, we will deploy the army to surround them and bash them.

“Anyone found possessed with the Spirit of legion, I will personally machete them with an axe.” VIDEO LOADING BELOW…