MDC Senior Official Accused Of Failing To Pay Lodging For A Three Room Cottage, Gets Eviction Order
30 January 2020
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Gladys Hlatshwayo

Own Correspondent|MDC Alliance secretary for external affairs Gladys Hlatshwayo has hit headlines on allegations that she was evicted from her lodgings at a cottage in Mabelreign after failing to settle utility bills.

Hlatshwayo was residing at Number 7, 12th Avenue, Mabelreign, as a tenant occupying a three-roomed cottage.

She owes Mrs Memory Matiyenga, the owner of the property $377 in council bills and an additional amount for 660,40 units of electricity.

Her actions forced Mrs Matiyenga to serve her with a termination of the lease agreement on September 11, 2019, and was expected to vacate the premises on December 31, but failed to do so.

According to Mrs Matiyenga, her tenant was not forthcoming thereby forcing her to seek legal recourse.

Mrs Matiyenga is reported to have at one time engaged MDC leader Nelson Chamisa to intervene in the issue but nothing came out of it.

Ms Hlatshwayo occupied the cottage in January last year.

“I unknowingly leased my cottage to Ms Hlatshwayo, who is an MDC executive member, as of January last year. She has been giving me a torrid time to get monthly rentals, water and electricity bills.

“I have tried to deal with the case in a civil way but I am now at the receiving end. I have reached out to his superiors but it didn’t yield any results.

“I engaged MDC leader Chamisa over the matter, who promised to solve the issue, but nothing has materialised.

“I issued her with a three-months’ notice of termination of tenancy on September 11, 2019 which expired on December 31. She paid her rentals as and when she felt like,” said Mrs Matiyenga.

On December 22, she left her goods locked inside and only pitched up on January 2 this year.

“In the process, I approached the Civil Court as a legal route. I was advised to issue her with summons. I followed all the legal processes and she was served with summons which she never responded to.

“A default judgment was handed down and she was served with a warrant of eviction on January 24, giving her 48 hours to vacate my cottage. She had January 27 and 28 to respond. Yesterday at 7.45 pm she sent her relatives to collect her goods, but later locked the doors and vanished with the keys,” she said.

Hlatshwayo accused Matiyenga of having a “hidden agenda.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about, I think she has an agenda I do not know. Its best you talk to her because I do not know what you are talking about,” said Hlatshwayo.

Matiyenga said Hlatshwayo was paying $2000 a month but had still to pay her rent for January.

“She was paying $2000 and she went without paying January rentals, she went on to drop the keys at my brother’s house 3:10pm on Wednesday, hours after we had broken into the house,” said Matiyenga.