BREAKING: Conned Vic Falls Man Manages To Recover His Money After ZimEye Exposè
7 February 2020
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Rosilin Gibson

Own Correspondent|A Victoria Falls man who was conned of a huge amount of money by a constar who was promising access to overseas jobs has managed to recover his money following a expose of the clandestine dealings.

A UK female pastor Roslin Gibson duped desperate Zimbabweans promising them immigration papers in Europe.

Following a ZimEye article profiling the first victims who are based in UK, new victims soon learnt they could approach ZimEye to get thwir stories published.

They were charged 300 US dollars each.
Gibson is a pastor.

Following the latest article, Gibson has refunded the first victim.

At 3.39pm she wrote to 7 of her victims, saying:

“Thank you guys like I said I am now refunding you from my on money . I am sorry for taking long but we all thought it would still work . Yours is coming soon guys like I said after all I will support you with projects home have a good day we are now family’

The Vic Falls based victim speaks to ZimEye.

Watch Live video downloading below: