JOC Memo Opens Pandora’s Box On 2013 Elections
12 February 2020
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By A Correspondent- A purported Joint Operations Command (JOC) memo prepared about a month before the disputed 2013 elections shows that Zimbabwe mistrusted the then South African President Jacob Zuma, who was facilitating dialogue between President Robert Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

The memo also disclosed that Sino Zim Chairman, Sam Pa pledged to 2 million t-shirts, caps and bandanas, while DRC President Joseph Kabila donated US$85 million. Below is the document:

3 June 2013

Election Brief Meeting (JOC)

Manyame Airbase Station



Security Overview

Collaborative intelligence shows hostile communication between Mr Zuma, Ms L Zulu and Mr David Cameron through the USA embassy in ZA.

Intelligence gathered show complicity in sharing Cabinet and Government of Zimbabwe secrets by Mr Tsvangirai, Mr W Ncube and Mr T Biti.

Collaborated Intelligence show covert meetings between Governments of South Africa, Nigeria and Britain to strategise on how to use SADC to influence politics in Zimbabwe by way of loyalty buying in Senior Security personnel.

State Of Election Funds VS Budgetary Requirements

Campaign regalia will be covered by Sino Zim Chairman Mr Sam Pa who pledged 2 million t-shirts and a corresponding number of caps and bandanas.

Vehicles- 500 trucks donated so far by Meikles and CPC.

Mbada Diamonds and Anjin Pvt Ltd donated a total of USD800 m for transport and mobilization.

The Commissariat received USD85 m from Cde Joseph Kabila and USD 92 m from E. Guinea.

Other local Donations: Mahomed Mussa USD 2m, Van Hoog USD 3m.

Budgetary Requirements

Nikuv International Projects projected a budget need of USD3 billion to secure 50% of possible adult votes.

Party candidates will cater for most of their costs as most funds will go to Presidential campaign.

33% of the budget will cover regional diplomacy (Next SADC Chair, Liberation movements) to drum up support for poll credibility before, during and after elections.