SANDF Setting Up Informal Welcome Signs At Broken Border Fence To Welcome Illegal Immigrants
13 February 2020
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Own Correspondent|In an apparent move to warn illegal immigrants who enter South Africa through illegal entry points, members of the South African Defence Forces deployed to patrol the borders have set up informal welcome signs at the broken border fence to “welcome” the illegal immigrants.

In a interview with media sources, the soldiers claimed that it is required by law to welcome immigrants no matter how they got inside the country.

“We were told if they were not told they are welcome it means the law of this jurisdiction does not apply to them. So we are putting up welcome to South Africa boards at all entry points, where ever the fence is broken along the South African/Zimbabwe borderline is now an entry point so we’ll set up a welcome board”

“We also put a register on which they can write their names and ID’s if they want. Yes we just put a pen and a book near the sign hoping they write down their names but usually, they just steal the books and pens”

We asked why the SANDF is not fixing the fence instead and they told us they had ran out of wires and the current military personnel has no wiring skills.

“We can’t hire a civilian contractor to mend the fence and our boys can’t do it so we will just put up these signs and go back to base, nobody has time for this. We can’t stop them from coming in illegally so it’s only right to welcome them because it gives them a sense of belonging so they won’t wreak havoc when they reach the settlement”