Police Raid Jeppy Jaboon’s Pub And Allegedly Steal Safe Money…
21 February 2020
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By A Correspondent| Men dressed as Zimbabwe Republic police cops last night raided the pub belonging to former ZANU PF strongman Jeppy Jaboon situated at 11 Luck Street, Harare.

The building is near the NetOne building in the CBD.

The development was told ZimEye minutes after the incident. Pictures below show the pub’s access door smashed in.

At the time of writing the full amount of money stolen could not be established.

“I don’t really understand what happened because these guys just came in their pickup with riot police and they just started arresting people,” said Mr Jaboon.

He continued saying they were

” …arresting people destroying property. I think you have seen the pictures. “

ZimEye asked on the possibility of the uniformed police being civilians who are robbers and we were told,

‘they came with three trucks loaded with riot police officers and they just started eating people and arresting people about 150 people (were arrested). ”

He explained that at the time, people were drinking beer as usual at his pub.

A comment from the ZRP could not be obtained at the time of writing.

Meanwhile ZimEye was perusing evidence submitted on the incident.


Jaboon’s door smashed…