Council Boss Awards Himself $30k Salary While Lowest Paid Workers Gets $800
4 March 2020
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Kadoma City Council workers picketing at the Council offices

Scores of Kadoma City Council workers have downed tools demonstrating against management’s decision to connive and peg its education allowances at $13 000 while the general employees are getting $380.

Further, the workers are demanding the immediate ouster of the town clerk Malvern Dondo whom they also accuse of pocketing a hefty salary of about $30 000 while the least paid worker is getting $779.

Armed police and those from the canine section had to be called to disperse the angry workers who were just loitering around the Town House. The Herald understands that there was a workers’ committee meeting held on Monday where management proposed to give workers a $300 cushion allowance, but the offer was turned down.