Prophetic Predictions About Coronavirus
19 March 2020
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By Dr Tapiwa Mashakada

Coronavirus – The Bible reminds us that in the end the world shall be afflicted by incurable diseases and infections.

God will always reveal the second coming of the Messiah through the signs of the times. But no one knows the Day.

This is the point Paul made in his letter to the Ephesians that they should go about their normal lives as no one knows when the rapture will come.

We must be ready any time and commit ourselves to Jesus Christ the Saviour and pray for the holy spirit. God can heal our land if we have faith.

Coronavirus can go in the mighty name of Jesus. In the physical world let us all follow WHO health and hygienie protocols especially water and sanitation hygiene(wash).

Especially avoiding handshakes and washing our hands thoroughly. Zikomo